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Featured Artwork

Each year at the Youth Rally we feature art work that can be used to enhance and bring life to the theme of Rally.  This year we have been blessed with the beautiful artwork designed and created by students from St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Secondary School in Oakville.  We would like to thank the artists: Elisa Mata, Sabrina Viloria & Zuzana OndercoOlivia Kownacki, & Leslie Lee for their inspiration, dedication and hard work on these wonderful pieces of art.  

We invite you to read the artists' statements about the two pieces, which they created and how they these works of art will impact your Rally day. 

God's Light

Artists: Elisa Mata, Sabrina Viloria & Zuzana Onderco

Artists Statement:

It is common for Christians to understand that we should live our lives according to God's word, however, what does that truly mean? It is safe to say that God is the light in our lives, through all darkness. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to see that light. As shown through our painting, darkness is present all over our galaxy, but beaming out from the earth is a bright light. This symbolizes that in order to live in God’s words, we need to find Him first. God created all; we can find him all around us. In our galaxy we placed stars in the shapes of crosses to display that even in darkness, God can be found for those who are open to finding him. The love of God is a beautiful and incredible part of life, this love is so great that it is willing to express itself in the most humble of ways. Jesus Christ gave his life in order to save all people.  His sacrifice is clearly seen in the cross. In the lettering, you find the symbol of the Holy Trinity and Jesus’ cross, showing again that sometimes finding God’s presence requires more effort. The letters According to Your Word are encased in gold to further display the love and joy God provides us when we follow his word. Following God’s ways pushes us to behave accordingly, and draws us as close to God as possible.   

Blossoming Glory 

Artists: Olivia Kownacki, Leslie Lee & Zuzana Onderco

Artists Statement:

 Since the theme is "According to Your Word" with the focus on the Gospels, the painting depicts the Bible. On the open pages of the Bible are the words "According to Your Word."  Around the Bible is where a rosary is placed. Since all Catholics are meant to interpret the Bible through the Holy Spirit, there is a dove that is surrounded by rays of light. This image depicts the Holy Spirit and how it is flying towards the Bible, initially guiding us to learn and love through the Bible. All of this imagery is portrayed as an illuminated manuscript. Traditional illuminated manuscripts were always surrounded with very beautiful, elaborate and meaningful borders. The colourful border on this painting is to remind us of the meaning and beauty behind all living things. All of God’s creations were made to bring grace and joy into ours lives, so this border is a way of demonstrating how all of faith and love had blossomed from God’s natural creations.